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Selected Portfolio

Honduran Rosewood and Western Red Cedar No 34 of 2016

Traditional solid back and sides, lattice bracing on soundboard. Projection, balance and tonal colour.

Santos Rosewood and Western Red Cedar No 35 of 2016

This is the first of my new arch-back model. Lattice bracing and with traditional tonal colour.            20th fret and rosette

Guitare Classique magazine review

French classical guitar magazine Guitare Classique reviewed one of my guitars in their Edition #73. Read it here

Honduran Rosewood and Cedar – No. 26 of 2015

This guitar sold in Paris through Concert Classical Guitars. See a review of this guitar in the magazine Guitare Classique here  

Brazilian Rosewood and European Spruce Guitar No. 24 of 2015

[caption id="attachment_724" align="alignright" width="150"] Left handed guitar[/caption] This guitar was commissioned and is built for a left-handed player. I used my hybrid soundboard bracing system incorporating ...

Indian Rosewood and Cedar Guitar No. 22 of 2014

This guitar has incredible power and tonal range. Lattice braced, 20th fret, arm-rest. Available for sale through Concert Classical Guitars in Paris. Photos are available ...

Madagascar Rosewood and European Spruce Guitar No. 21 of 2014

This guitar is powerful and crisp. The soundboard bracing is lattice and carbon fibre.  A 20th fret has been added, as has an arm-rest, the ...

Cedar and Indian Rosewood Guitar No. 19 of 2013

This guitar has beautiful clarity,  strength and a lovely hint of warm reverb - the soundboard bracing is lattice with a trimmed usage of carbon ...

European Spruce and Honduran Rosewood Guitar – No.18 of 2013

This guitar was finished in August 2013.  I've used a lattice bracing on the soundboard with a reduced amount of carbon fibre reinforcement. The bridge ...

European Spruce and East Indian Rosewood Guitar No. 16 of 2013

The guitar is a contemporary latticed braced instrument, powerful, and tonally balanced across the  full register. It is on sale through my workshop. Here are Youtube ...